Isuzu Grafter Green makes its debut at Abscaff

In North East Scotland, Abscaff Ltd has become the largest independent scaffolding business in Aberdeenshire and recently, the company has taken delivery of four brand new Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5tonne dropside rigids, with these replacement trucks being the first-ever Isuzus within Abscaff’s 22-strong commercial vehicle fleet.

“When it was time to update our fleet, replacing four incumbent older vehicles, we looked closely at the current commercial vehicle choices that were available to us. Without a doubt, the Isuzu Grafter Green stood out for us. The cost of operating an Isuzu definitely appealed to us, as too did the promise of long-term reliability, as a result of the good reputation that the Isuzu brand has here in the north-east of Scotland,” said Garry Butcher, operations director at Abscaff Ltd.

Garry continues,

“Isuzu’s three-year warranty gives us the peace of mind especially when moving to a new truck marque but the overall package put forward by Isuzu was excellent for us. So far, we have been particularly impressed by the truck’s payload, which gives us maximum load capability, and this is, of course, essential on this type of intensive scaffolding work.”

The four new Isuzu Grafter Green N35.125 twin wheel LWB dropside trucks were supplied through local Isuzu dealer Almar Garage based in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen and they are now working in the Abscaff fleet for at least four years transporting scaffolding to and from sites across this part of Scotland.

“Most of our scaffolding jobs involve a three-man operation and the Grafter Green works well for this type of job with excellent features within the cab, as well as a good driving position,” commented Garry.

Abscaff Ltd was established in 1994 and is a specialist access provider in Aberdeen providing a range of basic scaffold services through to complex structures within the public and private sectors, as well in as in the marine and construction industries. The company now employs over 40 scaffolders and runs a 22 strong fleet of commercial vehicles.

“The Isuzu Grafter Green is developing a strong reputation within Scotland for its rugged performance and reliability and it is particularly pleasing when this reputation attracts the interests of companies that are new to the Isuzu Truck marque. Abscaff can now look forward to many years of successful work with their new Isuzu Grafter Greens,” said Bob Docherty, network business manager, Isuzu Truck UK.