Marine & Industrial Scaffolding

Abscaff undertakes various works within the marine sector on various vessels including Supply boats, Barges and Diving Boats.

Abscaff has over 20 years’ experience in this sector and have carried out a wide range of complex projects. All our operatives are fully confined space trained and are well versed in the Marine environment.

We are well accustomed to working in Aberdeen, Peterhead and Montrose Harbours and offer a 24/7 service for these works.

Abscaff will work with our clients to ensure all works are undertaken in line with site programmes. We provide bespoke access solutions to many challenging scenarios and offer a 24hr service. Abscaff have the skills, knowledge and experience to act efficiently and safely to ensure downtime is minimal. The Haki universal scaffolding system is utilised to allow maximum flexibility and productivity while maintaining safety and conformity.

Type of services;

• Scaffolding to Wet and Dry Docks
• Scaffolding to Engine Rooms
• Scaffolding to Tanks & Bunds
• Scaffolding to Quay side storage tanks
• Suspended Scaffold over water
• Weather protection and habitats.
• Scaffolding to quay side structures

Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding Services


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